CUC Southern Shoalhaven Recruits Centre Manager

27 Jan 2021

CUC Southern Shoalhaven is well underway for a 2021 start with the appointment this month of Adam Gowen as Centre Manager.

CUC Southern Shoalhaven Centre will be a dedicated local study and learning space for higher education students based in Ulladulla. The Centre is part of the Country Universities Centre affiliate network which includes 12 Centres in 15 locations across NSW. The Centre is supported by both the NSW Government and Australian Government under the Regional University Centres Program.

CUC Southern Shoalhaven Board Chair, Wayne Dedden, said that the CUC concept was vital in combatting the disadvantages that regional and rural students face every day in accessing higher education.  Having an experienced Centre Manager on hand to support students is critical to the Centre’s success.

Adam Gowen is well-equipped to support regional students in his new role as Centre Manager.


His experience as an Indigenous Student and Community Engagement Ambassador saw him empower and support Indigenous university students in their studies and life beyond. Adam is passionate about higher education and believes that providing better access to higher education in regional communities will help equip local students for success.


We welcome Adam as part of the CUC team and are looking forward to the positive impact the Centre will make in our community.

Mr Gowen said that the CUC Southern Shoalhaven Centre provides our community with the opportunity to pursue a higher education without having to leave the region.

The ability for students to access space that is conducive to productive study will make finding the study groove much easier.

Students will receive academic support from professional staff and have free access to modern technology and high-speed Internet. Students who take advantage of this new Centre will have the potential to build a network of like-minded fellow students and a ‘nation-wide learning community’. Students will not need to leave this region to feel fully supported in their studies.

The CUC is open to students studying at any Australian university. It aims to assist students succeed and benefit both them and the local region as students across many academic disciplines use their new skills to benefit the local workforce.

Ulladulla High School Principal and CUC Board member Denise Lofts, said that the entire community will benefit from the CUC, including our local business, schools, and health facilities.

It is an incredible opportunity for our local people, particularly our young people to receive better access to and participation in quality higher education, and still remain in the local area connected with family, friends and community. In turn our local businesses, schools and health facilities will have greater access to local people with university qualifications. The Board is excited to see CUC Southern Shoalhaven open its doors to students and the community.

The Country Universities Centre Southern Shoalhaven Centre will be available to students from early 2021 and the location in Ulladulla will be confirmed within the next month.

Any interested students should feel free to contact the CUC Southern Shoalhaven Centre Manager, Adam Gowen, on

For more information about Country Universities Centre, please visit

For media contact: CUC Southern Shoalhaven Centre Manager | Adam Gowen |

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